The enduring legacy of a friendship for the McGrath Foundation

It’s been almost 13 years since you founded the McGrath Foundation with the late Jane McGrath, wife of then Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath. When did you meet Jane?

In 1996, when she moved to Australia from the UK to be with Glenn. Although we were both from the UK, I lived in Manchester and she lived in the Midlands, so we didn’t know each other beforehand but became great friends from the moment we met.

 You were with Jane when she found a lump in her breast. When did the idea for the Foundation arise?

I was with Jane on an Ashes Tour in 1997 when she came to me [about] something concerning her. She took my hand, placed it on her breast and instantly I felt a lump. At 31 years old my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2000, when Jane wrote ‘Love for Life’, about her experience with breast cancer, they were looking to donate proceeds from the sale that Jane had the idea for the charity and asked me to get involved. At first we didn’t know what we were going to raise funds for.  It wasn’t until Jane was re-diagnosed in 2003 and she had the support of a breast care nurse that the mission for the McGrath Foundation was set.

This article originally appreared in the Newcastle Herald. Read the full interview with Tracy Bevan here.

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